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Release Date Spine Title
January 8th 201995624 Frames [Blu-ray]
95624 Frames
January 15th 2019137Notorious
137Notorious [Blu-ray]
January 22nd 2019957Mikey and Nicky
957Mikey and Nicky [Blu-ray]
9584 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days [Blu-ray]
9584 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
January 29th 2019959In the Heat of the Night
959In the Heat of the Night [Blu-ray]
February 5th 2019961Shame
961Shame [Blu-ray]
February 12th 2019411Berlin Alexanderplatz [Blu-ray]
960La verite
960La verite [Blu-ray]
February 19th 2019962Death in Venice [Blu-ray]
962Death in Venice
February 26th 2019963To Sleep with Anger
963To Sleep with Anger [Blu-ray]
March 12th 201971The Magic Flute
71The Magic Flute [Blu-ray]
964The Kid Brother
964The Kid Brother [Blu-ray]
March 19th 2019965Wanda
965Wanda [Blu-ray]
966Detour [Blu-ray]
March 26th 2019967I Wanna Hold Your Hand
967I Wanna Hold Your Hand [Blu-ray]
968Japon [Blu-ray]
April 9th 2019400Stranger than Paradise [Blu-ray]
401Night on Earth [Blu-ray]
April 16th 2019969Diamonds of the Night [Blu-ray]
969Diamonds of the Night
April 23rd 2019970A Face in the Crowd
970A Face in the Crowd [Blu-ray]
April 30th 2019Police Story/Police Story 2
Police Story/Police Story 2 [Blu-ray]
971Police Story
971Police Story [Blu-ray]
972Police Story 2
972Police Story 2 [Blu-ray]
973My Brilliant Career [Blu-ray]
973My Brilliant Career
May 7th 2019974The Heiress [Blu-ray]
974The Heiress
May 14th 2019399House of Games [Blu-ray]
975Funny Games
975Funny Games [Blu-ray]
May 21st 2019976Let the Sunshine In
976Let the Sunshine In [Blu-ray]
May 28th 2019977Blue Velvet [Blu-ray]
977Blue Velvet
978One Sings, the Other Doesn't
978One Sings, the Other Doesn't [Blu-ray]
June 4th 2019208A Film Trilogy by Ingmar Bergman [Blu-ray]
209Through a Glass Darkly [Blu-ray]
210Winter Light [Blu-ray]
211The Silence [Blu-ray]
June 11th 2019979Swing Time
979Swing Time [Blu-ray]
June 18th 2019980La vie de Jesus [Blu-ray]
980La vie de Jesus
981L'humanite [Blu-ray]
June 25th 2019982Hedwig and the Angry Inch
982Hedwig and the Angry Inch [Blu-ray]
983War and Peace
983War and Peace [Blu-ray]
July 9th 2019203The BRD Trilogy [Blu-ray]
204The Marriage of Maria Braun [Blu-ray]
205Veronika Voss [Blu-ray]
206Lola [Blu-ray]
985Europa Europa
985Europa Europa [Blu-ray]
July 16th 2019986The Baker's Wife
986The Baker's Wife [Blu-ray]
987Klute [Blu-ray]
July 23rd 201997Do the Right Thing
97Do the Right Thing [Blu-ray]
9841984 [Blu-ray]
August 6th 2019301An Angel at My Table [Blu-ray]
August 13th 2019988The Inland Sea [Blu-ray]
988The Inland Sea
August 20th 2019457Magnificent Obsession [Blu-ray]
August 27th 20190The Koker Trilogy [Blu-ray]
989The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice
989The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice [Blu-ray]
990Where Is the Friend's House? [Blu-ray]
990Where Is the Friend's House?
991And Life Goes On
991And Life Goes On [Blu-ray]
992Through the Olive Trees
992Through the Olive Trees [Blu-ray]
September 3rd 2019333Fists in the Pocket [Blu-ray]
September 10th 2019993The Cloud-Capped Star [Blu-ray]
993The Cloud-Capped Star
September 17th 2019995Polyester
995Polyester [Blu-ray]
997Cluny Brown [Blu-ray]
997Cluny Brown
September 24th 2019994Local Hero
994Local Hero [Blu-ray]
996The Circus
996The Circus [Blu-ray]
October 8th 20195283 Silent Classics by Josef von Sternberg [Blu-ray]
529Underworld [Blu-ray]
530The Last Command [Blu-ray]
531The Docks of New York [Blu-ray]
October 15th 2019134Haxan [Blu-ray]
October 22nd 2019998When We Were Kings
998When We Were Kings [Blu-ray]
October 29th 2019999Matewan
999Matewan [Blu-ray]
1000Godzilla: The Showa-Era Films, 1954-1975 [Blu-ray]
November 12th 20191001The Daytrippers
1001The Daytrippers [Blu-ray]
November 19th 20191002Betty Blue [Blu-ray]
1002Betty Blue
1005Cold War [Blu-ray]
1005Cold War
November 26th 20191003All About Eve
1003All About Eve [Blu-ray]
1004Now, Voyager
1004Now, Voyager [Blu-ray]
December 3rd 2019225Tunes of Glory [Blu-ray]
225Tunes of Glory
1006The Story of Temple Drake
1006The Story of Temple Drake [Blu-ray]
December 10th 20191007Until the End of the World
1007Until the End of the World [Blu-ray]
1008Old Joy [Blu-ray]
1008Old Joy

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