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Release Date Spine Title
January 7th 2014190Throne of Blood [Blu-ray]
January 14th 2014115Rififi [Blu-ray]
691Thief [Blu-ray]
January 21st 2014692It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World [Blu-ray]
693La vie de boheme [Blu-ray]
January 28th 2014694The Long Day Closes [Blu-ray]
February 4th 2014281Jules and Jim [Blu-ray]
February 18th 2014696Foreign Correspondent [Blu-ray]
700Fantastic Mr. Fox [Blu-ray]
February 25th 2014408Breathless [Blu-ray]
695Blue is the Warmest Color [Blu-ray]
695Blue is the Warmest Color
697Tess [Blu-ray]
698King of the Hill [Blu-ray]
March 11th 2014152George Washington [Blu-ray]
March 18th 2014116The Hidden Fortress [Blu-ray]
699A Brief History of Time [Blu-ray]
March 25th 2014701Persona [Blu-ray]
702The Great Beauty
702The Great Beauty [Blu-ray]
703The Freshman [Blu-ray]
April 8th 20145The 400 Blows [Blu-ray]
April 15th 2014705Breaking the Waves [Blu-ray]
April 22nd 2014704Riot in Cell Block 11 [Blu-ray]
706Master of the House [Blu-ray]
April 29th 2014707Il sorpasso [Blu-ray]
May 6th 2014396Ace in the Hole [Blu-ray]
May 13th 2014382Overlord [Blu-ray]
May 20th 2014708Like Someone in Love [Blu-ray]
708Like Someone in Love
May 27th 2014300The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou [Blu-ray]
709Red River [Blu-ray]
June 10th 201495All That Heaven Allows [Blu-ray]
278L'eclisse [Blu-ray]
June 17th 201429Picnic at Hanging Rock [Blu-ray]
156Hearts and Minds [Blu-ray]
710Judex [Blu-ray]
June 24th 2014711A Hard Day's Night [Blu-ray]
711A Hard Day's Night
July 8th 201429Picnic at Hanging Rock
709Red River
July 15th 2014314Pickpocket
314Pickpocket [Blu-ray]
712Scanners [Blu-ray]
July 22nd 201447Insomnia [Blu-ray]
713The Essential Jacques Demy [Blu-ray]
714Lola [Blu-ray]
715Bay of Angels [Blu-ray]
716The Umbrellas of Cherbourg [Blu-ray]
717The Young Girls of Rochefort [Blu-ray]
718Donkey Skin [Blu-ray]
719Une chambre en ville [Blu-ray]
July 29th 2014720The Big Chill [Blu-ray]
August 12th 2014721Love Streams
721Love Streams [Blu-ray]
August 19th 2014722Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
722Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! [Blu-ray]
723Y tu mama tambien
723Y tu mama tambien [Blu-ray]
August 26th 2014384Vengeance is Mine [Blu-ray]
724All That Jazz [Blu-ray]
724All That Jazz
September 16th 2014725Eraserhead [Blu-ray]
September 23rd 2014726Macbeth
726Macbeth [Blu-ray]
727The Innocents
727The Innocents [Blu-ray]
September 30th 2014198Ali: Fear Eats the Soul [Blu-ray]
728Sundays and Cybele [Blu-ray]
728Sundays and Cybele
October 14th 2014732My Darling Clementine [Blu-ray]
732My Darling Clementine
October 21st 2014288F for Fake [Blu-ray]
733La dolce vita [Blu-ray]
733La dolce vita
October 28th 2014110Monsieur Hulot's Holiday
110Monsieur Hulot's Holiday [Blu-ray]
111Mon oncle [Blu-ray]
111Mon oncle
112Playtime [Blu-ray]
133The Vanishing [Blu-ray]
133The Vanishing
439Trafic [Blu-ray]
729The Complete Jacques Tati [Blu-ray]
729The Complete Jacques Tati
730Jour de fete [Blu-ray]
730Jour de fete
731Parade [Blu-ray]
November 11th 2014734The Shooting [Blu-ray]
734The Shooting
735Ride in the Whirlwind [Blu-ray]
735Ride in the Whirlwind
November 18th 2014736It Happened One Night [Blu-ray]
736It Happened One Night
November 25th 201498L'avventura
98L'avventura [Blu-ray]
737Les Blank: Always for Pleasure [Blu-ray]
737Les Blank: Always for Pleasure
December 9th 201437Time Bandits [Blu-ray]
37Time Bandits
59The Night Porter [Blu-ray]
59The Night Porter
739Safe [Blu-ray]
December 16th 2014738Tootsie
738Tootsie [Blu-ray]

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