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Release Date Spine Title
January 16th 2007362Border Radio
January 23rd 200752Yojimbo
364Monsters and Madmen
365First Man Into Space
366The Atomic Submarine
367The Haunted Strangler
368Corridors of Blood
February 13th 2007369Paul Robeson: Portraits of the Artist
370Paul Robeson, Icon: The Emperor Jones | Paul Robeson: A Tribute to an Artist
371Paul Robeson, Outsider: Body and Soul | Borderline
372Paul Robeson, Pioneer: Sanders of the River | Jericho
373Paul Robeson, Citizen of the World: The Proud Valley | Native Land
374Bicycle Thieves
375Green for Danger
February 20th 200737649th Parallel
377When a Woman Ascends the Stairs
March 13th 2007378Fires on the Plain
379The Burmese Harp
March 20th 2007380The Naked City
April 17th 2007381La Haine
383Brute Force
May 15th 2007384Vengeance is Mine
385Army of Shadows
May 22nd 200764The Third Man
386Sansho the Bailiff
June 12th 2007388The Two of Us
June 19th 2007389WR: Mysteries of the Organism
390Sweet Movie
June 26th 2007387La Jetee / Sans Soleil
July 10th 2007392Three Fims by Hiroshi Teshigahara
394Woman in the Dunes
395The Face of Another
July 17th 2007396Ace in the Hole
July 24th 2007397Ivan's Childhood
398Les enfants terribles
August 14th 2007403Cria cuervos...
August 21st 2007399House of Games
402The Milky Way
September 4th 2007400Stranger Than Paradise
401Night on Earth
September 18th 2007404Robinson Crusoe on Mars
405The Threepenny Opera
406Martha Graham: Dance on Film
October 9th 2007407Mala Noche
October 23rd 2007408Breathless
409Days of Heaven
410Under the Volcano
November 13th 2007411Berlin Alexanderplatz
November 20th 20073The Lady Vanishes
412Sawdust and Tinsel
November 27th 2007413Drunken Angel
December 11th 2007414Two-Lane Blacktop

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