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Release Date Spine Title
January 30th 200192Fiend Without a Face
93Black Narcissus
104Double Suicide
February 20th 200194I Know Where I'm Going!
97Do the Right Thing
March 13th 2001106Coup de torchon
107Mona Lisa
108The Rock
110M. Hulot's Holiday
111Mon Oncle
April 24th 200186Eisenstein: The Sound Years
87Alexander Nevsky
88Ivan the Terrible, Parts I & II
May 8th 2001109The Scarlet Empress
May 22nd 2001116The Hidden Fortress
June 5th 200198L'Avventura
113Big Deal on Madonna Street
117Diary of a Chambermaid
June 19th 200195All That Heaven Allows
96Written on the Wind
101Cries & Whispers
July 10th 2001119Withnail & I
120How to Get Ahead in Advertising
121Billy Liar
July 31st 2001114My Man Godfrey
August 14th 2001123Grey Gardens
August 21st 2001118Sullivan's Travels
124Carl Th. Dreyer
125Day of Wrath
128Carl Th. Dreyer - My Metier
September 4th 2001122Salesman
September 18th 2001130The Shop on Main Street
131Closely Watched Trains
133The Vanishing
October 16th 2001103The Lady Eve
129Le Trou
134Haxan / Witchcraft Through the Ages
October 30th 2001132The Ruling Class
November 20th 2001135Rebecca
143That Obscure Object of Desire
November 27th 2001142The Last Wave
December 4th 20011408 1/2

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